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A Bit Of History

It was 1985 and I was working as a sales rep for Salem Restaurant Equipment. When business was slow I would spend time in our maintenance shop watching our refrigeration technician.
I'm sure I annoyed him but he patiently answered my questions. After a number of visits he suggested that I read the book he had brought with him. The name of the book was Commercial Refrigeration and Air Conditioning. Over the many months, I referred to the book often until I felt I was familiar with the basic concepts of refrigeration. During this time I applied what I had learned to the equipment in the shop that needed repair. I purchased more books relating to refrigeration and continued practicing on refrigeration units in the shop.
As time progressed I met other tech's that had been in the business for many years. I would always asked questions about certain problems I was having in regard to repairing a particular piece of equipment. All these people contributed to my knowledge of the business and is greatly appreciated. I always asked questions if I wasn't sure. (If you don't ask you don't learn.) In the mean time I took educational courses at a local community college that included refrigeration theory, electrical principles and advanced trouble-shooting techniques. I also completed the Oregon State required brazing classes and obtained my certificate.
I learned more and more and eventually felt comfortable repairing all of our refrigeration equipment without the need of an outside technician. After many months of shop work and a lot of help from fellow service technicians I felt confident enough to take some service calls. This continued for two more years until the company permanently closed it's doors. I then obtained my Oregon State contractors licence, a business phone listing and ventured (somewhat apprehensively) out on my own. To promote my business I went knocking on doors. I stopped at restaurants, hotels, bars and taverns, convenience stores, nursing homes, wineries, et al. in Salem and surrounding cities. I would introduced myself and give them my business card and adhesive labels that had my contact information.
Anecdote: Recently (2015) I received a call from a fellow who had a beverage dispenser that needed attention because it wasn't cooling. He told me he got my phone number off my sticker on the machine. When I arrived at his place of business I did not remember the unit but I did see my very faded sticker and it was one of my originals that I had printed around 1993. Those stickers have proved to be invaluable beyond all my expectations.

Earning the respect and trust of my clients has been my number one priority since I began this business 33 years ago.
Thank you for reading. Richard Moor

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Refrigeration Support

Your Refrigeration Units - Do's and Don'ts

Do's. Clean condensers often, how often depends on it's location. Indoor refrigeration needs more attention than outdoor. Outdoor meaning a remote unit outside either on a pad or on a roof. Indoor refrigeration tends to collect oils in the air and along with the oil there is dust. The two mix very well together and collect where there is heat. Condensers remove heat from freon gas that is compressed in the compressor. Hence the name "Compressor". The majority of indoor units are air cooled. A fan on the Condensing Unit draws warm room air through the condenser. As the air is pulled through the condenser oily dust collects on the exterior fins, and also collects on the interior of the condenser. There are refrigeration pipes carrying hot gas through the condenser which attracts dust and oil.

Over a given amount of time it starts to impede the flow of air. When this happens pressure builds in the discharge line coming from the condenser which causes the runtime of the unit to increase. Eventually the the condenser gets so conjested that it's ability to cool the hot gas is nonexistent and the interior begins to warm. If it isn't cleaned or turned off the possibility of compressor failure increases. For example: If you put a blanket over the front of the radiator in your car, what would happen? It would overheat and cause major problems. If your not sure what to do !!TURN THE UNIT OFF BY UNPLUGGING IT OR TURNING IT OF AT THE BREAKER BOX!! Then call a refrigeration tech. After all, it's not working and most likely not going to fix itself.

Don'ts: If refrigeration unit appears to be warming up do not adjust the thermostat to a lower temperature until you have checked all of these items: Is the condenser dirty? Are all the fans operating? Is the unit in a defrost cycle? (Freezers and a few refrigerators.) Do you hear a click in the compressor area every few seconds? Meaning, is the compressor trying to start? Beware: The condenser fan will run even if the compressor is not. Lastly keep the doors of the unit closed for 25 minutes and checked the temperature again. If the temp is the same or higher shut the unit off and call a service tech, Ideally me. (503)375-6200 Thanks for reading. Richard

Lynda Com: Check it out.

Lynda Com

Learn what you want, when you want, from our entire library. Build custom playlists to organize courses you want to watch. New courses are added to our library weekly—so the value of your membership keeps growing.

For the past ten years computer programming has been a very interesting and rewarding pastime for me. It is an ideal relationship for me. It never gets old nor boring but unfortunately it talks back when errors are produced. There is always something new and exciting to experiment with like the new HTML5 and CSS3(Cascade Style Sheets). Lynda com is a invaluable asset to my continued learning of programming and other conventions such as Javascript and PHP. If your interests are learning just about anything about computing you will find a wealth of knowledge here. Glad you stopped by. Cheers!!

Why are older people frightened or disinterested in computers?


Click here for a large image.

Old dogs and new tricks:

That stance makes sense, says Laura Carstensen, a Stanford University psychologist who uses a framework she calls "socio-emotional selectivity theory" to study how people's goals change over the course of a lifetime.

Young people seek new skills "because they might become relevant later," Carstensen says, "Whereas when people age and time horizons shrink, they are more interested in what seems to matter now. So they focus more on emotional goals and being with the people that matter most in life."

She disputes whether older people are inherently less able to learn new technology, pointing out that today's elderly have accommodated to more technological change in their lifetimes than any previous generation in history.

While many older people may not see the point of using computers for social networking, Carstensen thinks more of them would adopt the technology if they were provided with the right incentive.

"My hypothesis would be if you develop new technologies that are going to give older adults an opportunity to experience meaningful rewards, they would be all over it and learn it very well," she says.

I agree with Ms.Carstensen overall and also believe that most people don't just stop learning when they reach a certain age. Of course there are circumstanses that prevent people from interest in computers such as illness, infirmity and just plain dislike of new technology. Jump to this help Page. It may enlighten people with disabilities.

Seniors Moving Forward:

For example I bought my first computer eleven years ago at age 60. It has enriched my life in many ways. I have the ability to find answers to almost anything instantly that 11 years ago would have taken me a month of research at the library. I taught myself computer programming, found information on gardening, home repair, sewing upholstery, auto repair and on and on. It's out there and you can learn it and the best part is that it doesn't cost anything exept an internet connection. This link will explain limited or low income alternatives. This is only one of many options you may have. Keep searching, it's there out there.

Exploring Possibilities:

Here is a great website  that may be helpful.

"Skype" Is a great way to keep in touch with your family, children, grandchildren and old friends and it's free.

   MOST IMPORTANT!: If you become interested in the computer and take the step to online surfing PLEASE GET A SECURITY PROGRAM.
Norton AntiVirus, McAfee, Kaspersky Internet Security are well known. I personally use Norton AnitVirus.
These companies charge a fee for use but it's worth the expence.

If you need help or have question with the above article please contact me at richm824@gmail.com

Thank you for visting my website. I hope these articles have been helpful. Signing off now. Happy Surfing. Richard M.

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